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The advantage of High Frequency Welding Machine Artificial heating

The advantage of High Frequency Welding Machine Artificial heating is the centralized heating of artificial abstracts created by the atomic vibration. The atomic affirmed absolutely together, which is absolutely altered from the alien electric heating or radiation heating. Alien heating crave assimilation of the actual in Welding to calefaction the close allotment of material. However, the appropriate assumption of High Frequency heating can analogously calefaction up both close and alien of articles simultaneously.

Electrothermal processing and gluing process

The heating Welding has a array restriction. If the artefact is too blubbery it is generally that if the close actual has not yet been heated, the apparent is already overheated. The bonding cement articles do not endure long. High-frequency processing does not accept these problems. The a lot of important of all High Frequency Welding provides a abundant stronger bounden than aloft methods.

Sewn Welding defects

The a lot of accessible birthmark is that it is not waterproof at the sewn. Improvements is to adhesive a band of waterproof band over the seam, however, it is uneconomical. The use of High Frequency Welding does not crave added acquirement and it is 100 percent waterproofs.

Why do we use high-frequency to action canvas products?

If you use electric, heat, gluing and added process, canvas covering on the alfresco are calmly breach at the collective afterwards circadian wind and rain, High Frequency Welding would not accept this problem. In Boilerplate East, it is actual airy and sunny. Many of Hexagon’s barter in Boilerplate East accomplish ample commercial canvas and awning, they had approved electric calefaction or cement to accomplish products, but about-face to high-frequency processing at the end.

High Frequency abscess Welding apparatus advantages

Completely waterproof.

Strong, cannot be broken by animal force. It is recommended for High amount products, to abate baseborn rate.

Double-bubble carapace is too blubbery for electric sealing, High Frequency is the alone solution.

Industries that are appliance davison-machinery High Frequency PVC Welding Machine abscess packaging apparatus includes: 3C products, helmets, locks, bath hardware, wiper, appropriate duke accoutrement ... etc.

High Frequency Welding Machine is one of the original systems used by davison-machinery

High Frequency Welding Machine  is one of the original systems used by davison-machinery.

This technology, together with the corresponding machinery engineering, has undergone continuous further development and improvement over recent decades.

Possible applications

Door and side-trim elements (two-tone)

Sun visors

Individual parts of an instrument panel (two-tone)

Convertible hoods and rear windows

”AIRBAG” (code stamping, fault-line stamping)

Textile insert (HF lamination)

Joining of polyamide structural components

Map pockets (HF lamination)

Special applications

Reinforced-section welding on floor carpet

Radio Frequency Welding Machine on

The new type of High Frequency Welding Machine overcomes the shortcomings

New High Frequency Welding Machine success stories, for diathermy forging the field, induction heating power is very mature very ideal choice, because it is the metal material heating efficiency, the fastest, and low energy consumption and environmental protection new Induction heating products.

The new type of high-frequency forging heating equipment overcomes the shortcomings such as slow speed, long working time and labor intensity in traditional coal-burning and oil-burning methods, improves management and operation level, saves cost, reduces pollution and improves efficiency; Metal parts heated to the required temperature forging can, the internal phenomenon of no black heart, through the heat evenly. Davison people have been induced to cause the cause of R & D and sales of heating, customers would like to think, the way customers worry about, so I Division in the heat treatment industry at home and abroad enjoy high visibility and reliability, is the only industry in an independent Import and export business of high-tech enterprises, business friends are welcome to come to the Advisory or inspection. New IGBT high-frequency induction heating equipment | high-frequency forging furnace and the traditional heating method advantages are reflected in:

1, heating speed: no oxide, a small amount of deformation.

2, environmental protection: no pollution, no noise and dust.

3, adaptability: to heat a variety of metal parts.

4, temperature and heating time can be precisely controlled. Another type of equipment also has a fast start, low power consumption, high efficiency, protection, and other advantages, many customers an ideal choice! In addition, the type of high-frequency induction heating equipment imported entirely Cardboard Packaging Machine, fundamentally innovative old-fashioned SCR frequency, completely replace the old KGPS IF new products.

High Frequency Plastic & PVC Welding Machines, Shuttle Tray Machines

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The acquaintance HF Welding has two shortcomings

High Frequency Welding Machine , disconnected into two types, consecration Welding and acquaintance welding:

1. What is the consecration welding, consecration Welding is one or added turns of the consecration allurement in the anchored animate pipe, multi-turn aftereffect is bigger than a individual turn, but the multi-turn consecration braid accumulation and accession added difficult. Consecration braid and the apparent of animate aqueduct apparent agreement is top efficiency, but acceptable to could could cause the consecration braid and the acquittal amid the tube, the accepted consecration tube to accumulate the apparent of the aqueduct 5 ~ 8 mm gap is appropriate. Consecration welding, the consecration braid is not in acquaintance with the animate plate, so there is no wear, the induced accepted is added abiding to ensure the adherence of the welding, Welding the apparent above of steel, bond formation, such as API accumulation Precision tube, basically in the anatomy of consecration welding.

2. What is the acquaintance welding, acquaintance Welding is a brace of chestnut electrodes and anchored animate aqueduct on both abandon of the contact, the induced accepted assimilation is good, high-frequency accepted of the two furnishings of absolute acquaintance with the chestnut electrode and get the best use of animate , So the acquaintance Welding of top ability and low ability consumption, accelerated low-precision aqueduct accumulation is broadly acclimated in the accumulation of decidedly blubbery animate aqueduct about aswell charge to use acquaintance welding.

But the acquaintance HF Welding has two shortcomings: First, the chestnut electrode acquaintance with the animate plate, abrasion quickly; the additional is due to the apathy of the animate apparent and the bend of the bluntness of the appulse of poor acquaintance accepted Welding stability, centralized and alien bond brier college , In the Welding of high-precision and thin-walled tube is about not used.

The heat away from the High Frequency PVC Welding Machine

Welding components are high-frequency welding induction coil, induction coil made of hollow copper tube, cross-section is round or square. Welding the middle of the cooling water, in order to guide the heat away from the High Frequency PVC Welding Machine, to avoid burning copper. Induction loop often made with both ends of the ring and upward tilt, the middle of the structure to stay narrow, so that energy concentrated in the middle, tilted at both ends to avoid affecting the other adjacent teeth.

High-frequency welding machine is based on the principle of linear current magnetic field formation, in the narrow line of narrow concentration of the most intensive magnetic field lines, magnetic lines through the conductor, the current should be generated, the conductor itself has resistance, thus making electricity into heat, heating conductor. Induction coil connected to the high-frequency power supply, the induction is also a high-frequency alternating magnetic field. The higher the frequency of high-frequency current, the more intensive the current in the conductor surface, so high-frequency heating surface temperature rises quickly, often a few seconds to dozens of seconds to make the solder temperature to achieve the required welding temperature.

High Frequency Welding Machine induction coil gap produced the most intensive magnetic field lines, the narrower gap, the more concentrated energy, equipment, the higher the efficiency, the faster the temperature. General saw welding used high-frequency welding machine power of 10 ~ 30kVA, oscillation frequency of 20 ~ 150kHz. Welding process, due to induction loop and sawtooth gap is very small, so pay attention to adjust the position to avoid the induction coil and the base and jagged contact with the other sides of the gap is consistent, otherwise it will cause side of the heat, while the temperature phenomenon.

High Frequency Welding Machine Manufacturing

Article From: High Frequency Welding Machine Manufacturing, Peter Zelinski, Editor-in-Chief, Modern Apparatus Shop

The accretion action that grew out of accelerated adjustment provides an able way to aftermath circuitous work, including locations with anchored apparatus and even locations bogus from antithetical metals.

To cuff how abutting accretion accomplishment is to acceptable a boilerplate advantage for authoritative metal parts, it is absorbing to agenda this detail: Accelerated accretion accomplishment machines from Fabrisonic of Columbus, Ohio, are programmed appliance a machining center’s CAM software.

Specifically, the machines are programmed appliance PowerMill software from Delcam. With the software company’s help, Fabrisonic wrote a bore (SonicCAM) that about turns the CAM algorithms inside-out. Instead of breeding paths that abolish material, the bore generates paths that add material.

These aforementioned machines use accustomed machining apparatus paths as well. A amalgam access to allotment assembly combines accretion and subtractive processing in one machine. The accelerated action builds metal workpieces by fusing and stacking 1-inch-wide strips. Then, breadth the architecture of the allotment calls for accomplished detail, a CNC milling arbor enters into the cycle.

Using accretion and subtractive processes calm in this way overcomes assorted problems that potentially absolute accretion The best high frequency welding machine. First, locations produced this way do not necessarily charge consecutive operations. On this machine, the aeon can actualize a able part. Second, putting down the absolute in 1-inch-wide strips enables the apparatus to accomplish a body amount of 20 to 60 cubic inches per hour (depending on allotment complexity). This fast body amount agency locations can be created quickly, starting with just a ball of material. To accommodate for such big parts, the bigger Fabrisonic apparatus offers a plan envelope of 6 by 6 by 3 feet.



When you contact davison-machinery to service RF welding machines, you can move forward with absolute confidence knowing that you, and the job, will not be let down. In addition to our extensive inventory of RF Welding machine parts and range of RF equipment services, we carry a variety of used and refurbished products to replace older, broken-down machines. We also offer technical support from knowledgeable representatives via phone or email, and we will even provide a dedicated service engineer on your floor to appropriately assess your needs.


We help our customers save thousands of dollars by providing local field service on European RF machines, and we use our extensive network to locate difficult-to-find parts and units to get your RF welding machines repaired faster. Our experienced RF welder service team can also service all European brand machines at our conveniently located facility.

At davison-machinery, we are all about building long-term relationships with our loyal customers by supplying superior service at competitive prices. Don’t forget to register your email to get copies of our maintenance specials where we offer discounted spare parts and Preventative Maintenance visits.

The best high frequency welding machine suppliers is davison-machinery's High Frequency Welding Machine.

Why Use RF Welding?

Why Use RF Welding?

There are several alternatives to RF welding including sewing, gluing, or using hot air. Why use RF welding?

RF Welding vs. Sewing

RF welding provides a consistent air tight seal unlike sewing. When sewn seams are stressed, the thread takes the pressure and could break. RF welds evenly distribute stresses throughout the material providing a much stronger seam while preventing any air, moisture, or debris getting in.

RF Welding vs. Gluing/Adhesives

Gluing can provide an air tight solution, but gluing takes much longer than RF welding and often uses hazardous solvents that are harmful to the environment. Glued seams are also subject to failure once the adhesive has worn out.

RF Welding vs. Hot Air

Hot air is a method that applies heat to the outside of the material to melt it and create a bond. This method is only effective up to certain thicknesses. Materials that are too thick will not bond in the middle as the core will struggle to melt, while the outside layers are over heated or burned. RF welding heats from the inside out and is the best method for forming air tight seams.

Davison-machinery’ RF Welded Products

One of our newest innovations for the medical device industry, DAVISON ,is manufactured via RF welding. FlexShield is a medical device pouch designed to prevent sharp medical instruments from puncturing the sterile barrier. It is crucial to the functionality of the product that the RF welds on FlexShield maintain their integrity throughout the supply-chain. High Frequency Welding is also used in a number of wound care applications that assist patients through the healing process. For safe storage of defibulators,Davison-machinery manufacturers a three chamber reusable pouch storage system that is sealed using RF welding. We also utilize these capabilities to produce industrial cleaning products.

Use HF Welder the steel connection methods are

China's current construction market to use HF Welder the steel connection methods are: steel banding lap, mechanical cold extrusion connections, steel resistance welding, steel flash butt welding, steel arc welding, steel bar electroslag welding, steel gas pressure butt welding, embedded parts Steel submerged arc pressure welding, threaded pipe connections. At this stage the most important methods used are: lap, flash welding, electroslag welding, pressure welding and threaded connections and other methods of reinforcing steel connection. In this case,
For the above several commonly used steel connection method, the overlap method is not discussed with the elimination method; flash welding qualified rate is the lowest, about one-third of unqualified; electroslag welding times low, especially after welding ESW welding, Qualification rate is too low can not do testing test, so the electroslag welding can only be used for vertical welding of steel, can not be used for welding in other directions. The highest rate of qualified air pressure welding, fully able to achieve 100 percent pass rate; several welding methods, the cost of the highest thread connection method, about 20 times the cost of air pressure welding. If the calculation of electricity consumption, air pressure welding method costs about 0.3 yuan / head or so, if not calculate the electricity consumption, flash welding the lowest cost. If the investment from the device to see: the minimum input cost is a threaded connection, and some thread casing equipment manufacturers as a result of high cost of threaded casing joints, so leased to the user free of charge steel buckle machinery. Followed by pressure welding into the cost of small. Because flash welding and electroslag welding are required with a large welding machine, the input cost is followed by flash welding, electroslag welding. In this case,
From the above characteristics of the use of several devices, the flash welding welding operation is simple and easy to grasp, low cost of steel joints. Shortcomings can only be used for horizontal welding of steel, equipment, larger, mobile inconvenience, a narrow space or no crane can not be constructed, the joint pass rate is low, large power consumption; welding slag welding is characterized by lightweight, Convenient, easy welding operation, the joint cost is low. The disadvantage is that the vertical welding can only be used for reinforcement, need to be equipped with large welding machine, power consumption; thread connection method of operation is relatively simple, environmentally friendly equipment construction. The disadvantage is that the connector cost is too high. Pressure welding is characterized by the ability to weld horizontal, vertical, arbitrary direction of the steel, reinforced joints qualified a higher rate, easy to move smaller fixture, joint low cost, small equipment investment. The biggest drawback of pneumatic welding is the technical requirements for the operation of workers higher, the quality of welding by the workers in the technical level of a greater impact. However, the Ministry of Construction in 2003 promulgated the "Reinforcement Welding and Acceptance Rules" home page, which Article 4.6.2 of the gas welding welding method requirements: In recent years, due to the success of melt pressure welding and application, add the provisions of this article . The use of melt pressure welding, can simplify the end of the processing of steel demanding requirements, easy to operate, ergonomic high, so the provisions in the general case, should be preferred. According to the site site trial and error, this new melt pressure welding process is indeed more common than before the use of solid-state welding method is easy to grasp, and eliminates the need for grinding the end of the process, not only simplifies the operation process, A substantial increase in welding speed, a thorough and effective solution to the operator of the technical requirements of higher issues. In this case,
Japan has a certain understanding of the construction steel connection method, the highest rate of gas welding, so Japan is about more than 70 percent of the use of air pressure welding method. Many users of large companies in the country, after contrast test commonly used welding method of steel welding, welding all the advantages and disadvantages of welded steel, the conclusion is that the overall pressure welding welding efficiency is better. In summary, the construction of steel welding method, the pressure RF Welding method of integrated characteristics of the better.