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Costa Rica the World Cup surprise in FIFA 14 check

fifa ultimate team coins With the victories against Uruguay and Italy and the draw against England Costa Rica drew a surprisingly into the knockout stages of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. We have the Central American team in EA SPORTS FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 once viewed and examined whether a similar performance is virtually possible detail. Costa Rica has so far not necessarily the first choice when it came to be a solid team in EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer World Cup pick in 2014. With Croatia, Mexico, Belgium and Chile there are several teams from the second row, the first one appear more attractive. However, after the convincing performances in the finals of the Sugar Loaf, the focus is more on the surprise team from Central America. Are "Los Ticos" to the console also a good choice? Is the Pinto-Eleven also virtually a surprise possible?

Many updates in the form of defensive

Due to the strong performances at the World Championships Costa Rica will also benefit in the FIFA World Cup offshoot of some form of updates. These updates are always based on the actual performance of a team and are automatically integrated into the game if you have an Xbox Live or PSN access. A total of nine players, all of whom are in the starting lineup have been upgraded as a result. So come goalkeeper Keylor Navas, who is under contract with the Spanish side Levante UD, for example, to a total thickness of 78 instead of the previous 76 - and is therefore behind the star of the team, Bryan Ruiz (80), the second strongest player of his choice.

The defense that only allowed one goal in three games, has been honored with Extra points: The from 1 FSV Mainz 05 known left-back Junior Diaz is with a total strength of 74 (71 + three bonus points) the strongest link in the defense. His side Men Michael Umana (67), Giancarlo González (69), Oscar Duarte (71) and Cristian Gamboa (73) were each provided with two additional power points. Despite this form updates the defense is still weak compared to assess the defense of other nations. It is precisely against strong strikers difficult to defend his goal virtually as good as the team has succeeded in the real World Cup in Brazil. A plus point, however, is the enormous rapidity of the right-back Cristian Gamboa. With a spurt of speed of 89 points and a sprint speed of 87 it can be a real weapon on the right wing.

Solid midfield

2014, this position is still referred to due to the generally more defensive style of play designed Costa Rica as right midfield. As already mentioned, Ruiz has an impressive total of 80 points. By this he would be placed in the most beginning formations of World Cup participants. He also benefited from the fact that EA SPORTS has missed him due to the strong performances of two extra points. Although Ruiz is a departure of only 68 and a sprint speed of 71 is not the fastest, but with a 85's dribbling value and a thickness of 82 at short passes he brings other important strengths in the game of surprise teams. The second best player in the midfield, Celso Borges, with 74 points, although still solid, but already much weaker than his captain. Christian Bolanos (71) and Yeltsin Tejeda (69, including three extra points) fall even more clearly from.

Dangerous attack, weak bank

The only striker in the standard setup of Costa Rica's Joel Campbell from Arsenal FC. With a total strength of 76 (including two extra points) this is not one of the best attackers of the game, but can be quite impressive. Above all, his enormous departure (90) and his strong sprint speed (87) Campbell make for a very difficult to defending striker and a good option for quick counterattack football. Uses for example Bryan Ruiz his great ball values, so some enemy defenses can be bypassed by the strengths Campbells.

's biggest weakness is the lack of Costa Rica squad width. Hurt a player from the starting lineup, it can not be adequately replaced basically. Only Michael Barrantes comes with a thickness of 73 still in the area of stem formation. Other players such as Waylon Francis and Randall Brenes are a 59er or 55er standings almost no longer WM-ripe. So you play with Costa Rica and have to mourn a loss, you have to directly accept a significant weakening your team.


The real shape of Costa Rica makes the team in any case more attractive on the consoles. Up to two players (Celso Borges and Christian Bolanos) all players in the starting eleven were provided with additional strength points. Especially the goalkeeper position and the storm stand out with the team from Central America. Bryan Ruiz in midfield seems a little at a loss, but he can only times bring its strengths into the game, Costa Rica is a not to be underestimated counterparties. Although the extra points boost the team overall significantly, but compared Costa Rica remains virtually the underdogs. Top teams have the much better single player and have especially on the bench a number of additional options. So anyone who undertakes to act out the real success, should make an effort belonging itself, so that the World Cup is not yet complete after the first round.