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Interview of the Knights Templar

In this sunny week are The Knights Templar who answer our questions.

Knights of the Temple, from EverQuest 2, play the game of the interview. Discover them here.

Remember, presentation interviews guilds:

Under each banner or creed, is a guild that is their discovery that the team wants to go Jol TESO Gold. Whether you are a small or large structure, whether you prefer PvE or PvP, you practice or not Role Play, your guild or French or international, whatever your singularities, make and share it to all the community.

If you are interested to participate in the presentation of your guild, contact Eliel, or Crowzer of JoL Teso team.see more at:

FIFA 15 Juan Mata Ranked Above Cesc Fabregas

FIFA 15 Coins Manchester United player is ranked 41st, whilst the summer arrival at Chelsea is down in 46th.

TESO Gold might be surprised by the ordering considering Mata was allowed to leave Chelsea, whilst Fabregas was brought in at Stamford Bridge and during his short spell back in the Premier League has been arguably the stand-out player.

Iker Casillas' fall from grace continues after his shocking World Cup performances. The Real Madrid stopper is ranked as the 47th best player, behind Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris who is at number 45.

To coincide with the release of the player rankings, Fifa makers EA Sports have also put out a video featuring a few players discussing how they are rated and it seems they take it rather seriously.

Rio Ferdinand even offers to come and talk to the makers of the game as he implores them: "Guys at Fifa if you are watching, can you actually put the real stats on the Manchester United players."see more at: news for all fans TESO

Teso Gold Good news for all fans TESO: The development team of Zenimax announced the release date for the third major patch for Elder Scrolls MMORPG. Update 3 released in Europe tomorrow.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Update 3 is coming The Elder Scrolls Online: Update 3 is coming [Source: Zenimax] Update: Meanwhile, the TESO-makers have released the final list of changes and new features. In the official forum you will find the latest patch notes for The Elder Scrolls Online (version 1.3.3).

Original message: The Elder Scrolls Online will soon be extended to colorants and tabards. It is distributed in the game world guild merchant, elevated levels of difficulty for tests and more. For the third content update coming this week on the live server. The developers announced on the official forums. Update 3 for TESO thus appears on 4 August. This publication on the North American server should be meant. On the European Mega server the third update should land according to August 05 as part of the planned weekly maintenance. Final patch notes for the TESO version 1.3.3 it does not exist yet. In the PTR forum The Elder Scrolls Online you can look however the preliminary patch notes for versions 1.3.0 and 1.3.2 to read.