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Corrected home crowds in Match Day Live matches

More patch notes, this time for FUT Coins on PlayStation 4 which has had a number of fixes for issues raised by the FIFA community.

Fixed ‘search-by-name’ functionality in Career Mode.

Added the latency indicator to FIFA 15 Coins PS4 Ultimate Team so fans can view health of connection before entering an online match.

Improved set-piece cameras in Online Seasons for Guest players.

Corrected home crowds in Match Day Live matches.

Fixed occurrences where the player would be unable to progress at the end of a FUT match due to the post-match menus not appearing.

Fix to hospitality upgrades in Career Mode and Pro Clubs.

Addressed exploit where players could infinitely switch kick-takers on set-pieces

Fixed occurrence where changes to the Subs and/or Reserves are not brought into Season matches

Runescape 2007 Gold also say they have “made progress in our on-going investigation of the stuttering issues currently affecting a small percentage of PS4 users,” but have yet to resolve the problem.