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You Need To Change Rubber V Belt Exactly

The Rubber V Belt of a car engine is a very important part because it serves as a connection between the camshaft and the crankshaft. Therefore, it controls and monitors the opening and closing activities of the valve of the automobile engine. This shows that it is important to change the timing belt when needed. The timing belt ensures that the engine is working properly. A car with a four-stroke engine is designed so that their engine valves are opened and closed during each turn of the crankshaft. This proves otherwise that if necessary, need to complete the rubber v belt replacement as soon as possible.

To replace the rubber v belt, first loosen the timing belt tensioner. To do this, you need to release the bolts that secure it in place. Let the tensioner release, easy to contact with the timing belt. Adjust the timing belt as needed. If the course is disturbed, please identify the problem and correct it. To complete this step, you need to consult your car's service manual or ask some help from a professional. Compare the time stamp to ensure that the timing belt is correct. View timing marks on cranks, cams and sprockets. Make sure they are evenly aligned.

Then use a wrench to manually rotate the engine to operate the crank pulley. You should complete several engine speeds to ensure that the timing belt is properly seated relative to the sprocket. Make sure that the belt does not have any resistance when turning, and check that the piston and valve are not in contact with each other when the belt is finished.

Tighten the bolts loosened along the belt tensioner. Make sure they are close, but do not be too tight. This will make it easier for you to remove the tape when you need to adjust the timing belt next time. Re-connect the car's battery. Open the hood and make sure it locks into the closed position. Open your car's engine and check to make sure everything runs smoothly. V Belt Company -