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You may benefit from a chair Passenger Lift

In Home Elevator China Features

In home elevators work best for individuals who needs to carry not only themselves, but also other items, such as groceries or medical equipment, from one floor to the next.

• Capacity: Up to 950 pounds
• Uses: Multiple riders, single rider with wheelchair or single rider with multiple items
• Benefits: Can extend up to 6 floors and offers more design options for the elevator car and drive system
• Disadvantages: Requires extensive planning and construction, takes up more space than lift, and requires regular maintenance service

In home elevators are the most labor intensive to install, but they are also the most versatile of the three. They offer the highest degree of mobility and capacity, but they are also the most expensive to install.

Is a Chair Lift Right For You?

Chair lifts are not recommended for every user. As discussed, an individual who is wheelchair-bound is not an ideal candidate for a chair lift.

You may benefit from a chair Passenger Lift if:

1. You are able to walk around your home with little to no additional assistance.
2. Your mobility is assisted by a cane that you can keep in your lap when using the chair lift.
3. Your strength is limited, and stairs require too much energy.
4. You are having problems with balance, and you’re worried about falling.
5. You want the least expensive option for stair mobility.