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No Ultimate Aggregation data for FIFA 16 accept been offered yet


The big alien for admirers is how the developers at EA Sports are planning to enhance their admired mode, Cheap FIFA 14 Coins,which was not mentioned in the official Electronic Arts E3 2015 columnist appointment added than for some allocution about aegis and safety.

FIFA 16 will be offered on September 24 on the Xbox One, the PC, the PlayStation 4, and earlier home consoles.

EA Sports has said that it is alive to advance all elements of the bold in adjustment to add both added accuracy and accumulate the matches spectacular.

In defense, gamers will be able to bear new types of tackles and can aswell bigger use their absolute aggregation to stop attacks, while abbreviate and solid passes in midfield will accessible up added options.

Inspired by Lionel Messi, EA Sports is aswell abacus no blow dribbling for players who accept solid accomplishment and is giving attackers added choices if it comes to the adjustment of their shots.MORE:FIFA 15 Coins

Messis goal is coming soon

Messi has alone denticulate one ambition in Copa America and that is amends kick. In the four matches, anniversary adversary aggregation has beatific cool able amateur to abolish him. FIFA 15 Coins We accept apparent added scenes that Messi was exhausted down by opponents. However, Aguero has denticulate two goals. This Manchester City ballista believes that Messi’s ambition is advancing anon and Argentina aswell needs Messi’s goal.

"Messi consistently wants to do better, he sometimes has absent the goal, but his attitude is actual good, and will not be too depressed for this." Aguero said in an interview, "For shooters, if there are no goals, the alone affair you charge to do is that befitting calm and cat-and-mouse for the accession of the goals, you accept to be actual patient. Messi apparently has some burden appropriate now, I aswell accept encountered the agnate situation, but you apperceive there are added players at your ancillary to abutment you. "

"Everyone makes mistakes on the pitch, but Messi is consistently accommodating to try and move on, his angry spirit gives us confidence. Since Messi are appetite hard, we accept no acumen to not to strive?"Aguero continued.MORE:Buy FIFA Coins

Did the FIFA 15 UT servers appear aback up on agenda

If you accept alone just apparent FIFA 15 servers are down appropriate now on June 23, again you should apperceive they accept been in aliment for about 2 hours already.coininfifa  EA Sports has declared that the FIFA 15 aliment today will endure for about 3 hours, so the agenda sets FUT servers to appear aback up online at 10AM in the UK. This is 2am PST, for those of you in the United States.

You can see the EA Sports cheep they larboard afore FIFA 15 Coins aliment started below, which aswell data the time servers will be aback up and running. This is a acceptable time for a lot of gamers in the USA, it aswell works out able-bodied for a lot of players in the UK that accept plan or school.

Did the FIFA 15 UT servers appear aback up on agenda for you today, or did you acquaintance problems? As always, not every gamer will be blessed and some of you ability accept planned to play FIFA 15 online today. Feel chargeless to allotment how this abeyance impacted your gaming time below, or if servers didn’t appear aback online again we’d adulation to apprehend about that too.

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FUT 15 New Heroes are now accessible in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins

FUT 15 New Heroes are now accessible in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins ! coininfifa These new amethyst IF (in-form) players will be accessible in packs until 11:59pm (UK time), 9th June 2015.

Unsurprisingly both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, the two best players in FIFA 15, amore in this week’s accession with the aloft scoring a admirable adeptness from the angle of the across and the closing smashing in a cast volley.

The Brazilian Hulk beatitude things off with a amazing aeriform blast from the far angle of the box, and the added appetite in the video couldn’t acquire been added different.

Aiden McGeady is an acutely accustomed abecedarian on FIFA 15 due to his 5 ablaze abilities and his appetite was a admirable affirmation of that ability, traveling able a bulk of players afore slotting home.

It would be fair to say that Chelsea admirers haven’t credible the best of Juan Cuadrado yet but the video is annual watching, if abandoned for his admirable rabona appetite from the angle of the box.

Gareth Bale’s asperous one or two with his accomplished over the years but abolishment matches the abide appetite in the video as he asperous a aeriform header.more:

This anniversary EA appear the Bundesliga TOTS squad

Along with the FIFA 15 Coins TOTW 38 available, this anniversary EA appear the Bundesliga TOTS squad. It is not harder to assumption that Robben, Muller, Lewandowski, Boateng and Neuer would be on the abounding list. And they absolutely deserve it. So we are about to allocution about the added guys in the team.

Having not accomplished in the top 3 aback 1987, Borussia Monchengladbach accept if annihilation overachieved this season. And their success has been based mostly on solid arresting work, headed up by CB Tony Jantschke. He's averaged about 6 clearances per match, consistent in just 26 goals conceded.

But this is area the adapted TOTS run ends, as even admitting Ralf Fahrmann has been appropriate for Schake, stronger claims can absolutely be fabricated by Gladbach's Yann Sommer. Well, Schalke 10 apple-pie sheets, Gladbach 15 apple-pie sheets. Schalke 40 goals conceded and Gladbach 26...

Cheeky bit of Bundesliga II activity actuality but Pascal Gross absolutely deserves one for his 7 goals and 22 assists, which helped to blaze FC Ingolstadt 04 to the Bundesliga able for the aboriginal time in their history, which is a hardly apocryphal accomplishment afterwards alone getting founded beneath their accepted guise in 2010. Welcome to the big time.

As we accept already said, Gladbach accept had a abundant division and FUT admired Patrick Herrmann has added than played his part, advancing in as his abandon collective additional top scorer abacus 11 goals from the wing. But, it would be bent at this date to not acknowledgment his absolutely antic 98 clip appraisement which is a massive +5 access on his IF.

Augsborg accept played a blinder this division to defended European football with the band and assets they have. Especially afterwards extenuative themselves from assignment on the endure day just two seasons ago. It's been a awe-inspiring acceleration and absolutely accurately they accept a TOTS attendance in Paul Verhaegh, who from fullback has denticulate six goals. As appropriate aback TOTS options go, you can't go far amiss with this one.MORE:Buy FIFA Coins

Can't accept they are putting women teams in Fifa 16

It's a acceptable annual and bad annual bearings for admirers apprehension the absolution of FIFA 16.FIFA Coins.

Based on a address by Fifa16 News, while the official absolution date for the accepted football simulation bold has been clearly appear for September 26, it looks like it will not be accessible for all consoles.

According to a adumbrative from EA Sports, the bold will be accessible for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3 but there are no data yet if it will be appear on added platforms.

"With commendations to FIFA 16, there isn't a Vita or 3DS version. We don't accept any added detail on the adaptable adaptation but will be abiding to allotment with you if we apprehend more," he said in an annual with Pocket Gamer.

It is aswell alien whether the bold will get Nintendo Wii and Wii U accessories as these were not mentioned in the official columnist releases.

The abundant accessible bold has become arguable afresh because of the admittance of 12 Civic Women's League Teams to the roster.

The accommodation to awning the new teams drew alloyed reactions from the admirers with some dabbling fun at accepting women in the FIFA ambience and their ability in the acreage if it was set in absolute life, appear Metro.

"Can't accept they are putting women teams in Fifa 16 "Out for the division due to pregnancy," said one Twitter user.

"Very air-conditioned that FIFA 16 has assuredly put Women's Civic Aggregation in the game. No acumen not to and should accompany a beyond citizenry to the game," accession responded.

An assessment section by Chris Kerr appear on Stuff, said that it's about time for admirers to be added complete about their accepting of the women's teams because its alone an advantage and does not affect the game's totality.

"Such incessant, barbarous benightedness is frustrating, and in this case, just apparent wrong. Although a lot of accept not to see it, the bold hasn't changed. Just as Manchester United admirers don't accept to play as Manchester City, macho players don't accept to use the women's teams if they don't wish to. The bold they apperceive and adulation is still there, except now, women and men can aswell footfall into the brindled boots of their changeable idols if they accept to do so," he said.MORE:Buy FIFA Coins

Factbox on Sepp Blatter of Switzerland

Factbox on Sepp Blatter of Switzerland, president of FIFA 15 Coins since 1998, who faces a challenge from three men for his position at this month's election.

* Born on March 10, 1936 in the Swiss town of Visp.

* Graduated from the Sion and St Maurice colleges in Switzerland and then secured a Bachelor of Business Administration and Economics degree from the Faculty of Law at Lausanne University.

* Was an active footballer from 1948-1971, and played for the Swiss amateur league in the top division. He was a member of the Board of Xamax Neuchatel from 1970-1975.

* Blatter began his professional career as Head of Public Relations of the Valaisan Tourist Board in Switzerland and in 1964 became General Secretary of the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation.

* As Director of Sports Timing and Public Relations at Longines, he was involved in the organisation of the 1972 and 1976 Olympic Games, getting his first taste of the international sports scene.

* Became FIFA secretary general in 1981 and, after 17 years serving under Joao Havelange, replaced the Brazilian as president in 1998.

* Faced trouble in 2002 when FIFA's then secretary general Michel Zen-Ruffinen claimed Blatter's 1998 election victory was based on bribery and corruption and that FIFA was being financially mismanaged at the highest levels.

* In 2004 Blatter attracted scorn from the women's game when he suggested women players should wear tighter shorts.

* Beat Issa Hayatou of Cameroon, president of the Asian confederation, in the 2002 presidential election before being returned unopposed in 2007.

* Won a fourth term in 2011 when challenger Mohamed Bin Hammam of Qatar was barred from FIFA on bribery charges.

* Blatter has survived a series of scandals during his term in office including widespread accusations that Qatar bought the right to stage the 2022 World Cup. Qatar have always denied any wrongdoing.

* Faced FIFA's ethics committee in 2011 in the wake of the bribery scandal that led to Bin Hammam's life ban. Blatter was never accused of being involved in the bribery, but there were claims he know of its existence and did not act. All charges against him were dismissed.

* In 2011 Blatter said he would retire in 2015, but he is instead now seeking a fifth term of office to continue his mission.

* Blatter has not issued a formal election manifesto although in speeches throughout the world he has pledged to continue his reform programme and steer FIFA into "clear blue waters" again.

* William Hill odds for victory: 1-16 ON

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From release dates, to major tournament rights, to all-new storylines

10. The Trailer Won’t Be Seen Until E3


Jae C. Hong/AP

Let’s start off with an easy one. Unfortunately, we won’t get to see any glimpses of FIFA Coins at all until E3, which takes place June 16th-18th. It’s not the longest wait, thankfully, but until then expect to see more and more rumours surfacing.

EA could spring a surprise with an early teaser trailer, but it seems very likely that they’ll keep their cards close to their chest – like they have done with previous games. The FIFA routine for EA is fairly set in stone, and with the success they’ve had, why not keep fans waiting that little touch longer.

9. The Release Date Is…

Nothing official has been confirmed with regards to the release date, though a few websites have pencilled in when they expect the game to launch. However, have been spot on with their predictions for the last two years, and they’re now claiming that FIFA 16 will be launched on September 25, 2015 in the UK (September 22, 2015 in the USA).

The full list of predicted launch dates is:

North America – September 22, 2015 (Tuesday)

Latin America (excluding Brazil) – September 24, 2015 (Thursday)

Australia – September 24, 2015 (Thursday)

Europe (excluding UK) – September 24, 2015 (Thursday)

UK – September 25, 2015 (Friday)

Japan – October 8th, 2015 (Thursday)

Brazil – October 8th, 2015 (Thursday)

8. It Won’t Be Available On The Wii-U

Nintendo used to be the behemoth of gaming. Their magical game-making skills are almost unparalleled, which makes it incredibly frustrating to watch their demise as a serious company as they pander to young audiences with cheap third-party games and gimmick-laden consoles.

The Wii-U is barely an upgrade on the original Wii, and now they’re not even trying to hold onto a segment of their loyal customers with rumours swirling that FIFA 16 won’t feature on the console at all, like several of the later editions. The game will be released on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS, PS Vita and iOS, with rumoured development of an Android game too. FIFA 16 will also feature on the Wii, but not its next-gen successor due to its disappointing sales figures.

7. FIFA Are Wrestling Away Konami’s UEFA Rights

The PES-FIFA war will continue to rage on, with vociferous support on either side of the debate despite the latter’s market dominance. But one area that PES simply can’t compete with is FIFA’s stranglehold of many key naming rights for teams, players, and competitions.

Fixtures like West Midlands Village versus Man Blue (Aston Villa vs. Manchester City) and Yorkshire Orange versus West Glamorgan City (Hull vs. Swansea) put scores of fans off investing their money into PES, regardless of how good the gameplay is, and FIFA’s dominance is set to grow following strong rumours that they could be set to snatch the UEFA licenses which would allow Champions League and Europa League competition names to be used.

6. The NASL Will Be Included

The introduction of a UEFA license could, of course, see an influx of additional obscure European leagues, with the Greek, Ukrainian and Czech leagues all touted as potential newbies in a recent survey.

But one specific league that could be introduced is situated outside of Europe. The NASL (National American Soccer League) is formed entirely separately from the MLS. They are different entities, with no promotion or relegation taking place in the States. The NASL is unofficially below the MLS, with the latter getting so much of a head start, while teams can apply to become an expansion team to the MLS once they are established in the NASL. The New York Cosmos, spearheaded by the legendary Raul, are currently top of the NASL, and with growing interest in American “soccer,” it would be a huge coup for the league to be involved.

5. Emphasis On The Atmosphere

One of the biggest areas that EA are reportedly trying to push is to create even more realistic atmospheres, fiery enough to replicate some of the finest fanbases in the world. Following the rumours of EA going all-out to develop this aspect of the game, others have emerged claiming that banners, displays, and more customised chants could be included.

Giving each team their own representative fanbases could closely imitate how they act in real life, with some clubs subdued and stadiums emptier, while huge rivalries and significant games could have a greater fanfare, with tifo displays also potentially included, while other rumours have suggested more interactive ways of celebrating with the fans.

4. The Spray

While the actual match atmosphere is crucial, EA are reportedly going into every detail, something they have achieved to great effect in recent years with the minor inclusion of TV cameras that move to follow the action. The next instalment is said to include the new referee vanishing spray to mark set-pieces, while medical personnel are also reportedly going to be included.

It’s tiny details like that which set FIFA editions apart. They might seem insignificant, after all, a turning camera lens is hardly going to affect the outcome of the game or draw in extra millions of sales, but it just adds another layer of depth. Football stadiums are hives of activity so it’s nice to hear that EA are going to throw more light onto figures aside from the 22 players on the field.

3. Handballs

It’s really quite basic. Not just in gaming terms, but the whole sport in general. Don’t touch the ball with your hands, although it does still happen on FIFA, but without a punishment.

Rumours have surfaced to suggest that EA are bringing back handballs as a standard feature in the game. Anything to make the game more realistic should go down a treat with the fans, in theory. Some have complained in the past that handballs can never be deliberate on the game as there isn’t a button to control a players’ arms. However, if used in a balanced manner, they could be a decent addition to the game.

2. Free Player Packs


EA Sports

EA Sports

One of the standout commercial success stories of the gaming world, let alone just FIFA, is the rise of Ultimate Team. It is one of the key pioneers in the gaming industry’s march towards wider amounts of DLC, with swathes of users spending more money on virtual packs than on the game itself.

EA are said to be considering dishing out one free pack every week to each user, full of untradeable players and items. That rumour would seem to be a strange move considering the wild popularity of the packs available for purchase, though it would lap up greater numbers of fans who haven’t yet given it a try, while it could also fuel the addiction. ‘Open one pack, you might as well buy another’ logic.

1. Story Mode

One of the strongest, most substantiated rumours surrounding the game could be massive for the FIFA franchise – the introduction of a story mode. Master Herald released a report which looked into the EA Sports careers website advertising a ‘narrative designer’ role.

Their report suggests that the hired designer would be “responsible for: creating captivating, memorable characters for the player to interact with, as well as plot moments that will truly challenge the way players approach the game and give them a good experience.” It is not specified which game the advert is referring to, with the clue being “one of EA’s AAA titles.” Unless EA Sports have a huge ace up their sleeves with regards to a brand new game, the only other main contender would be Madden 2016, though that has already implemented many story-style features in previous editions.

It will be an interesting wait to see how the game will turn out, but needless to say, it’s shaping up to be a worthy instalment to the series.

FIFA 15 Coins fans, what features are you desperate to see in the next instalment? Let us know in the comment thread.

Messi highest paid player in world with nearly one million-pound-a-week salary in 2014

Argentina football aggregation captain Lionel Messi reportedly banked about one actor pounds-a-week endure year and is the accomplished paid amateur in the world.FIFA Coins

France Football's anniversary analysis of accomplishment believes that the Barcelona brilliant earns over 26 actor pounds in his basal bacon afore bonuses and he earns about bifold in bartering deals with baddest sponsors like Adidas, FIFA 15 and Turkish Airline to yield his absolute anniversary assets to 47.8 actor pounds.

Cristiano Ronaldo is additional with balance on 39.7 actor pounds with Neymar commutual the top three of Spanish-based players on 26.8 actor pounds, The Mirror reported.

The accomplished ranked amateur in the Premier League is Robin Van Persie in fifth place, who had a basal bacon of 11.8 actor pounds with bonuses of 5 actor pounds, while bartering revenues yield his absolute earning to 18.8 actor pounds.

Van Persie is one abode advanced of Gareth Bale, who earns 17.5 actor pounds, and two in foreground of Wayne Rooney on 16.5 actor pounds.

Sergio Aguero aswell makes the top ten earning 15.5 actor pounds with Eden Hazard and Yaya Toure both earning 14.7 actor pounds.

Jose Mourinho is the accomplished paid drillmaster in the apple with his 10 actor pounds Chelsea bacon and 3.2 actor pounds in bartering revenue, while Arsene Wenger, earning 8.3 actor pounds, and Louis Van Gaal, earning 7.3 actor pounds, are aswell in the top ten forth with Zenit's Andre Villas Boas on 6.25 actor pounds and David Moyes on 5.14 actor pounds now at Real Sociedad, the address added.

The World Cup final in Qatar in 2022 will be held on 18 December

The World Cup final in Qatar in 2022 will be held on 18 December, FIFA has confirmed.Buy FIFA Coins

Spokesman Walter De Gregorio announced the date of the final on Thursday, but did not say when the tournament will start.

He said the governing body's committee preferred a 28-day tournament starting on 21 November, but added the kickoff date could be confirmed on Friday.

"It is a major step because finally we know and we can move forward," he added.

If confirmed, a 28-day World Cup would cut the amount of time clubs have to release players to their national teams. The usual duration is 32 days.

It would also protect the English Premier League's traditional Boxing Day programme on 26 December.

A FIFA task force recommended that the tournament be moved to November and December due to the searing temperatures in the Gulf emirate during the summer months.

The country's bid had originally specified that the games would be played in air-conditioned stadiums to combat the problem, but the issue of player and fan welfare has repeatedly been raised by critics.

The final is traditionally played on a Sunday and 18 December is Qatar's national day.

The Premier League has repeatedly voiced its opposition to a winter World Cup because of the problems it will cause with domestic fixtures, but UEFA backed the plan to move the tournament.

FIFA has said clubs will not receive any compensation for the move to November and December.

"It's not perfect, we know that, but why are we talking about compensation? It's happening once, we're not destroying football," secretary general Jerome Valcke said.

"Why should we apologise to the clubs? We have had an agreement with the clubs that they are part of the beneficiaries.

"It was $40m (£25.8m) in 2010 and $70m (£45m) in 2014."

Last month, FIFA president Sepp Blatter said he wanted the 2022 World Cup final to be played at the latest on 18 December.