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Happy coding the PTS server need help

Buy ESO Gold As you know, every major update before the release of a few weeks is tested on the public test server (PTS). We would like to be in beta testing more people participated. Now we have a group of dedicated players who have tested the new content before it gets to the main servers, but they are not enough to detect all bugs, especially those associated with high load.

Elder Scrolls Online CDkey Now, when the PTS has been downloaded update number 4, go there, take a look at new content and let us know your thoughts. Most of all we are interested in bugs and you encountered problems with balance. We remind you that all subscribers have access to the game PTS. There you can immediately create a high-level character, necessary for testing new content updates. In the future, we are planning to add some incentive for those who can help test patches, so expect more details.

EU official announced the relocation service time

ESO power leveling EU official announced the relocation service time, Beijing time on July 30 at 8:00 pm to July 31 as early as 5:00, during the relocation European service is unavailable. The relocation is not updated, without additional downloads. U.S. service, the official website and forums are not affected.

Cheap ESO Gold Another official specifically mentioned that this has no effect on the relocation of the player character. Originally did not provide the functions transferred to Europe in the role of the United States serving.