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Extension of the prize money by players Purchases

Cheap ESO Gold  As developer Hi-Rez announces it will expand in 2015, the prize money for the World Championships SMITE via Item Shop purchases again. For a period of time, therefore, are exclusive items available that there will never be again afterwards.

From January 09 to apply until January 11, 2015 in Atlanta, the American World Championships MOBA SMITE place for the developer Hi-Rez yet provides a whopping $ 600,000 in prize money available. However, it seems that Valve's concept of to increase the prize pool via player purchases to be sure that you try this procedure again even with SMITE. In the coming weeks and months, the players always have the option to acquire exclusive real money items that will never exist again afterwards. The proceeds from these sales is then diverted directly into the prize money. The campaign runs under the name: "The Odyssey" and is explained by Hi-Rez itself again in this custom built video.

Buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold Valve could with "The International 4" and the prize money of over $ 10 million a milestone in eSports and provide for all other events in the shadows. Whether it will succeed in Hi-Rez to top this success?